Hi, I’m Lukas

The founder and director of Swell Film. Swell Film is an Adelaide-based media, wedding, and event photo and video service.

Swell Film is about capturing the unforced, natural moments of life. I am a frequent surfer and am always taken by the spontaneity of the swell – the undulating, unpredictable movements which reach a crescendo as a wave.

All of my work is done using film – it is a medium which I think captures memories like nothing else. I shoot traditional film photos as well as super8 and 16mm videography. Digital edits can come close, but there is something magical about taking a picture or making a video on film.

wedding films. on real film.

I shoot film wedding videos on both super8 and 16mm – these are two types of video-film used from the 1940s through to the late 1970s. It’s the same film at two different sizes: super8 being 8mm wide and 16mm being, well, 16mm wide. The result is super8 being a more raw, grainy sort of feel, while 16mm is its higher resolution older brother. A film shot on 16mm will be sharper and more clear to view.

I love both types of film and I love shooting them. I find they behave differently and, because of their distinctive styles, they each suit different types of couples. If you’re unsure about what you’d like, feel free to take a look through some of the videos here or get in touch to chat through things further.

I also shoot a range of analog photos with my vintage 35mm cameras and 1980s polaroids. I love what this produces and am happy to discuss adding some photos on to any video plan.

super8 wedding videos

There’s just something about the beautiful and timeless nature of a wedding film shot on real film. Super8 is the home video film of the 60s and 70s and is the perfect way to capture your wedding with a real, raw, nostalgic feel.

16mm wedding videos

The beauty and character of film with a clarity like nothing else. 16mm is a higher resolution and sharper version of super8 – it’s the same film, just more of it, giving a crisp, character filled video full of nostalgic vibes. It’s yet another way of capturing the beauty of a wedding on film.

about swell film

my first ever film photo, of my grandparents.
one of my most important memories.

I’m a lover of film, pure and simple.

It started as a bit of a change of pace. I’d shot on and off with digital for a while, before discovering my grandad’s old 35mm SLR in a cupboard. After shooting a few pictures of my grandparents I was hooked. All of sudden the DSLR just stopped leaving the cupboard, and it wasn’t long before the digital was all traded in for cameras much much older than I am.

The idea for Swell Film came after I shot a super8 wedding video for a friend. It was a spur of the moment decision (I’d originally planned to shoot digital) but once I saw the results there was no turning back. We watched back the super8 together and all felt like we were right back in the moment. It’s that feeling that I want to bring to others through Swell Film.

I want my most precious memories to live on in the timeless negatives of film rolls. My most important moments are all captured on film – 35mm, super8 and 16mm, and each time I look at them I’m taken right back to when they were shot.

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