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super8 by swell.

There’s just something about the beautiful and timeless nature of a wedding film shot on real film. Super8 is the home video film of the 60s and 70s and is the perfect way to capture your wedding with a real, raw, nostalgic feel.

a timeless wedding video

We are all captivated by the thought of a timeless wedding video. A video that captures your story on film, filled with romanticism and authenticity. It’s why I decided to use video film (that’s right, the same stuff your grandparents used!) to capture the beauty and essence of your wedding. It’s called super8 and I reckon it’s perfect for capturing and remembering the most important days.

I offer Adelaide-based super8 wedding videography and will travel far and wide to capture the most important memories in the most authentic way I know how.

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what is super8?

Super8 is the old-fashioned home video film of the sixties and seventies. It brings cinematic quality with a timeless experience that feels custom made to capture the most important memories.

I use a whole bunch of vintage cameras from the late 1960s alongside state-of-the-art scanning and editing technology to bring beautiful videos with a hand crafted and nostalgic feel. I’ll generally shoot a few rolls of film throughout the day, before taking them to be hand-developed and scanned in stunning high resolution.

what’s included?

All of my video packages include a high resolution scan of your film – given to you in a digital file for you to use to share the day with your nearest and dearest. I’ll will also license music for your video so that you can share it on all of your socials without having to worry about any copyright issues.

My selection of wedding videos range from 5 minutes upwards – if you would like more information feel free to contact me for my full suite of packages. I’m pretty flexible and happy to chat about what would best suit your needs to perfectly capture your day!

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